Big Stories on the Small Screen is a national initiative aimed at Irish-based professional screen writers, directors and producers. We host week-long and day-long intensive workshops that develop screen professionals’ craft skills to a global standard.

International in outlook and ‘platform-agnostic’ in form, Big Stories on the Small Screen focuses on developing episodic screen narratives of between three and thirteen hours, suitable for delivery via television and/or digital media platforms. Our workshops are predicated on a strong ‘make-to-sell’ commercial ethic, with an emphasis on audience.

Our workshop structures are based on best international practice. The structures promote creative collaboration; professional participants acquire essential skills in collaborative storytelling alongside skills in story analysis and script development.

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Big Stories on the Small Screen has completed its current round of workshops. Applications for our next event will open on September 9th 2019, our next event will take place on November 30th 2019.
Big Stories on the Small Screen is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland in association with Screen Training Ireland, supported by by Irish broadcasters RTÉ, TV3 and TG4, as well as by professional industry bodies.